Key criteria

Any grant should benefit either:-

1. All of the residents of Claygate


2. A particular section of Claygate's residents with particular needs.

When the grant is substantial (over £500)

a. The accounts and constitution of the organisation applying for the grant should be available for inspection, unless it is to an organisation which is just setting-up.

b. The application should be supported by a project plan and statement of other funding sources - including information about approaches for funding which were unsuccessful.

c. The organisation should be able to prove sound financial management.

d. The Parish Council will consider the application only if the requested grant cannot be reasonably funded from income and/or reservesof the organisation applying.

e. If the grant is to be the ‘seed’ funding source for a particular project the organisation should be able to show other sources of funding that will contribute once an initial amount is raised.

f. If the Claygate Parish Council is to be the provider of 'last resort' the organisation should be able to show other fund-raising activities or sources of funding.

g. The grant should be match-funded or some other resource provided i.e. labour, by the organisation receiving the grant

h. Where possible the details of the grant will be included in the published Claygate Parish Council budget.

Where the grant is not substantial (under £500) Grants may be awarded without all the above information. Exceptions will apply and can be made at the discretion of the Council.

If you have any queries relating to an application please contact the Parish Clerk. Click here to download the application form.