Environment & Leisure Committee Remit

The Environment & Leisure Committee, comprising both elected Councillors and coopted members, meets six times a year.

  1. To preserve and maintain the Village Green.

  2. To preserve and maintain the Meadow Road Island. 

  3. To ensure that all other existing open spaces and greens within the village are protected.

  4. To assist and encourage the maintenance of flowerbeds.

  5. To work for a reduction in levels of vandalism, graffiti, litter and pollution.

  6. To promote the improvement of village amenities.

  7. To encourage the recycling of resources whenever practicable.

  8. To promote good management of trees, hedgerows, woodlands, streams, ponds and other natural features.

  9. To assist and encourage the maintenance of common land in and around Claygate for the recreational use and enjoyment of the public.

  10. To encourage the sensitive management of open spaces and road verges  

  11. To encourage the management and protection of flora and fauna.

  12. To keep residents informed and aware of local environmental issues.

  13. To oversee the maintenance of the Highway Garden Sites and other similar sites as agreed in the contract with Elmbridge Borough Council.

  14. To ensure the effectiveness and value for money of services being provided by Elmbridge BC and Surrey CC in relation to any of the above.

  15. To respond to public consultation on environmental issues which affect Claygate.


Updated August 2006

Updated June 2007

Amended June 2008

Amended May 2010

Amended June 2012

Reviewed June 2014

Amended February 2016

Reviewed June 2017

Reviewed May 2018