CIL Payments

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a recent levy that the Local Planning Authority (LPA), Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC), is able to charge on new building development, based on policy laid down by the Government.

For development in Claygate that meet policy, 25% of the amount raised in Claygate is allocated to Claygate Parish Council (CPC).  This is paid to CPC, by EBC every 6 months. Initially the whole 25% was paid over, but the Government changed the guidelines in 2015. Since then 60% of the 25% is now paid to CPC but the remaining 40% is retained by EBC on behalf of CPC and CPC will need to gain approval from EBC on any proposed spending of this retained amount.

The monies are allowed to accrue and to be spent on community projects within the Village that would not normally be covered by the precept or other funding sources. The remaining 75% of generated CIL from Claygate is kept by EBC and any group within the Borough is entitled to bid for a portion of this money (including CPC) for community projects that would benefit the residents of Elmbridge.

Payments of CIL to CPC are listed in the accounts as CIL payments under earmarked reserves until they are spent. If they are not spent within 5 years of receipt they may be refundable to EBC.


Below are the payments that have been received by Claygate Parish Council to date:

1st April 2013 - 30th September 2013 :  Nil
1st October 2013 - 31st March   2014 :  Nil
1st April 2014 - 30th September 2014 :  £4,453
1st October 2014 - 31st March   2015 :  £2,821
1st April 2015 - 30th September 2015 : Nil
1st October 2015 - 31st March   2016 :  £6,214 (plus £4,142 retained by EBC for CPC)
1st April 2016 - 30th September 2016 : £3,213 (plus £2,142 retained by EBC for CPC)


None of these funds have been spent or committed as at 28/2/2017