Proposed Gypsy/Traveller site on 40 Acre Field: Planning Appeal

The Planning Inspectorate will determine the appeal on the basis of a public inquiry. (Planning Inspectorate Appeal Ref: APP/K3605/W/16/3162449)

Interested parties in Claygate, including Claygate Parish Council and resident’s associations, plan to apply jointly to the Planning Inspectorate for ‘Rule 6 status’. As the Planning Inspectorate advises, bringing together participants with similar views avoids making an inquiry too repetitious and it is unusual for ‘Rule 6 status’ to be granted to individuals.

Applying for ‘Rule 6 status’ allows Claygate organisations, acting as one on behalf of our Village, the opportunity to take a very active part in the inquiry.

If ‘Rule 6 status’ is granted we will be considered to be a main party. We will be sent copies of all documents, entitled to appear at the inquiry and to cross examine other parties. A suitably qualified, experienced spokesperson will represent us.

As matters progress we will keep all residents updated.